With 3.9 billion email users (till the end of 2020), there is no point in neglecting this crucial medium of communication with the clients. Do you agree? To amaze you further, 293.6 billion emails are sent and received every day, isn’t it huge? 
It is not only the high reach you should expect from this marketing technique but also the ease, automation, and accessibility are the other positives to trigger the use of email marketing for the jewelry business.

If you have not been in the digital marketing industry, you might not be aware of the email marketing benefits and the reasons to use it for promoting your best jewelry. Even if you know the overall potential of email marketing, considering it in terms of the jewelry business is what you’ll find in this article.

We’ll focus on the reasons considering which you should adopt email marketing for your jewelry business along with the effective mechanism through which it helps in showcasing your best jewelry to your potential customers.


Why email can effectively market jewelry? 


You might have seen many individuals going against the email marketing strategy highlighting the limitations and drawbacks that come with it. Although, they are right to an extent, and you need to use emails with a strategy. Sending random emails without an active campaign might even do more harm to your overall jewelry strategy. So, it is important to understand the basics of email marketing and come up with a strategy through which you can get the best results. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is to keep the overall tone of your jewelry business in synchronization with your overall brand image and marketing strategy. Going beyond the overall strategy wouldn’t be a good tactic to adopt.


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In this section, we’ll share a few reasons because of which we think you can get the most out of the emails: 


1. Regularly seen by customers:


With smartphones in every hand, individuals now see emails regularly. Over time, the use of email services has also increased significantly with nearly every account registration requiring you to confirm your email. So, because of both these aspects, you can expect frequent email checking by most users. Even others and junk folders of the emails are checked at least once a day, increasing the chances that your email for jewerlry marketing would get noted. 

If you have used the right subject and managed to grab the audience’s attention to jewelry, you might get instant results too. So, it all depends on the way you portray your message.


2. Build Awareness For Brand:


Even if the receiver does not open the email every time, you can still keep your jewelry brand alive in the minds by regularly updating the customers or potential customers with your brand name popping up in the emails every now and then. 
With these emails, you should be able to use your brand name or tagline in the subject or maybe the sender name, so that your effort of sending an email about your best jewelry shouldn’t go wasted.

But here an important thing to consider is that you don’t do it excessively as it could be damaging your brand name, which is definitely you wouldn’t like.


3. Increase Brand Credibility:


Another reason for choosing email marketing for your jewelry business is that it can increase your brand’s credibility. Usually, scammers or businesses who don’t want to help their customers would not indulge in email marketing. So, if people will receive emails for your brand, they are more likely to consider your brand as credible. 

Besides, regular emailing also indicates that you are still in the jewelry business, and potential customers can rely on you and your services even after the purchase. However, while maintaining regularity in your emails. Do not forget to keep the emails relevant and limited because too many emails from you won’t only earn you the spam folder list but will also irritate the email receivers or potential customers. Thus leading to higher chances of un-subscription from the mailing list. This isn’t something that you would like, what do you say?


4. Provides a direct line of communication:


Email is a direct communication medium that you can establish between you and your customers. You can tailor all the emails at the personal level, addressing them by their name or talking about the individual purchase they have recently made from your website.

With such a personalization, the communication becomes meaningful, and the chances of jewelry conversion increase significantly. Besides, it can even help in creating a special relationship between your brand and customers. 

Moreover, email isn’t something too personal, especially in comparison to social media. So, you can easily send them without invading privacy. 2/3rd of the Americans considered emails to be better than being approached via social media platforms. 

So, you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity and some time in understanding and creating the right strategy, which can ultimately translate into lucrative results for your jewellery business . 


How Email Marketing Helps Jewelry Businesses?


In the above section, the focus was on highlighting the reasons for which you should use email marketing for your jewelry business but in this section, we’ll highlight what are the ways through which you can utilize email marketing to give your jewelry business a boost.


1. Share your holiday Jewelry:


The holiday season is one of the best times to share your product collection with your customers. In the jewelry business, the holiday timings of great importance to make customers purchase the products. 

There are multiple reasons for such an attitude. The holiday season brings in joy, a good mood, and free time for the majority population. So, sending an email in such a scenario can increase the chances of clicking and thus improved purchase rates. 

Secondly, the holiday season can also be considered synonymous with gift giving. So, people are already looking for some good gifts for their loved ones. When you’ll share some best jewelry products with them, they are most likely to buy from you.

So, isn’t it something you should capitalize on?


2. Add your brand elements and personality:


With emails, you also get a chance to add your brand element and personality. The personality allows you to establish a strong brand image with the product that will trigger strong brand awareness, and the result will not only be in the form of product purchase but also in the form of strong brand existence.

Adding your logo at the start or the brand line at the end would help you achieve this goal by maintaining a fully professional attitude while emailing.

So, when your customers would like to buy some jeweler product, your brand name will automatically click in the minds. In market terms, it means that you have already acquired the share of mind of the customers, thus getting one step closer to the purchase.


3. Highlight Your Best Jewelry: 


One of the biggest mistakes that a jewelry business can do is to use the jewelry products that are not selling because there can be something wrong with those particular products, or they could be out of trend. You shouldn’t risk using the unwanted products in your email because if your audience found your products non-interesting, you’ll have to struggle a lot harder to win their trust again. 

Besides, why would you want to lose a sales opportunity by highlighting a product that you know your audience wouldn’t like? So, it is important to drive your potential customers to your website with your best-selling product.


4. Targeting the right audience is essential:


If you have a long list of subscribers, you can’t expect every product you offer to be relevant to the entire list. So, to improve the results of your email marketing campaign, you can segment your subscriber's list into relevant groups. Then create a special email according to the interests of your list and then see the results. 

You’ll find a fair difference in the results of your email campaign after segregation because you are most likely going to offer the right product to the right person. The main idea is to target the right customers within your email list and thus compel them to buy your best jewelry products. 


5. Choose the right subject line:


With the excessive use of email marketing, most receivers understand that nearly 90% of the emails they are getting are promotional and thus are not important. This is where your email writer can play an effective role. Starting with the catchy subject line, you’ll be in a better position to influence the readers to open your mail. 

But your work does not end here. You need to be sure that your email is centered on resolving a problem or query that your reader would be facing. Only then, you can expect a response or action from the buyer, which you need in form of generating sales.

In the jewelry business, you can offer something to compliment the dress on the next occasion or give them matching with the trendy dressing styles. Going for this strategy can trigger your sales, and thus you can get the best results.


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6. Abandoned cart recovery emails:


You might have noticed that a few stores provide you with cart recovery emails which actually influences you to think again about the purchase even the one you have abandoned. Why don’t you apply such a strategy within your jewelry business? By implementing this strategy, you’ll be able to influence your potential customers regarding the purchase and are more likely going to get one from your list.

In a few cases, your potential customer might have already forgotten about the products after adding them to the cart, so sending such reminders can actually help you in generating sales.


7. Use Cross-selling Emails:


Another option through which you can expect to get the most out of your email is cross-selling emails. These emails are specific to target individual customers who have brought a specific product already. Sharing another product to complement their initial purchase is a good tactic to consider if you want to increase the sales of your best jewelry. 

This strategy works because in most cases your users might not even know about the complimenting products available at your store. So, providing the customers with specific links can be a solution to this gap that normally exists between your brand and the customers.


8. Introducing your new collection is a great idea:


The introduction of the new collection in the email is another great strategy to adopt. You can share your products with the new arrival tags to attract more of your customers back to your jewelry store. With the new arrival tags, you can even expect your very old clients to be back with you. Similarly, you can even get recommendations from these old clients to your new jewelry collection if you’ll be able to grab the attention of your subscription list.


Summing up:


Up till now, you might not have realized the potential of using email marketing in the jewelry business, but we are sure after reading this article, you’ll be in a better position to evaluate the potential of email marketing and the benefits it can bring in showcasing your best jewelry products. 

We are sure you would have understood that email marketing is a wonderful medium to reach your customers directly. You can create your brand image and generate sales if you do things rightly. When it comes to the right mechanism of using email marketing, the foremost thing you should keep in mind is that you shouldn’t overdo this strategy as it can annoy your customers or potential customers. 

Introduction of a new product line, cross-selling products, and sending emails for abandoned carts are a few things you should do. Besides, you can add your tag line or brand image, and share your holiday jewelry to expect the best results. 
By adopting these strategies in your email marketing strategy, you can expect some real results. So, be ready for them.