Avatar Is Coming

Once the movie Avatar was released, it immediately took the world by storm and became a part of our lives. The characters in the movie are deeply entrenched. Today, let us walk into the Avatar pendant and feel its infinite charm.

  1. Status Symbol of Jewelry

Throughout history, and even in today's society, jewelry can be seen as a status symbol. Wearing jewelry was often restricted to the upper classes, as nobles wishes to convey their wealth and social status to all they met. The more valuable the jewelry, the harder it was to get by the lower classes. In modern culture, the concept still exists. Although the widespread manufacture makes jewelry more accessible to get. However, high-quality and well-crafted jewelry remains reserved for those who can afford them. Some pieces of jewelry are only available to those of high status. 


Pandora also follows this law, as shown by the beautiful necklace of Princess Neytiri in Avatar. As the only woman in the Na'vi who wears jewelry in the film, her string of original and wild natural materials is similar to the luxurious gold and diamond necklace in our modern society, highlighting her noble status as a "princess".


It can be seen that as long as there is a social hierarchy, the status attributes of jewelry will not change, not only for humans but also for Na'vi. From this point of view, the significance of the Avatar pendant is far-reaching.

  1. Introduction of Avatar Pendant

The Avatar pendant highly restores the character image of Princess Neytiri. She has blue skin, big eyes with golden irises, pointy ears, beautiful earrings, an original necklace, and a unique set of nerve endings normally braided into a hair-like configuration protruding from the base of the skull. The application of vitreous enamel makes the pendant perfectly presented to us all and truly brings Avatar to life.


Enamel is a kind of powder usually consisting of natural quartz sand and various metal oxides. This powder is made into a 'fondant' or paste and is applied to metals for decorative effect. This 'glass composite' is then fused to the object using very high temperatures (between 750 and 850 °C). The word 'enamel' comes from the Old High German word 'smelzan', meaning 'to smelt'. The temperature of the fusion process can determine the transparency of the enamel as well as the intensity of its color. Generally speaking, higher temperatures will create a more durable and transparent-looking enamel while a lower temperature will create a more opaque-looking enamel that is more susceptible to damage. Therefore, temperature control is very important in enameling.

Enameling is an ancient technique, but it's still popular today and has been across the millennia. The oldest known enameled jewelry is a series of six gold rings decorated with cloisonné enamel found in an ancient tomb in Cyprus, made around the 13th century BC, during the Mycenaean period. Enameled jewelry also flourished in the Eastern Roman Empire and Celtic areas of Gaul and Britain during the Byzantium era, and the Renaissance era. The neo-renaissance revival of the 19th century saw another peak in popularity for enamel jewelry. 


By using enameling, such a vivid Avatar pendant, or a work of art, can be displayed in front of us and shine with its beauty.

  1. Original Intention of Customizing

Avatar pendant, as a piece of jewelry with excellent craftsmanship, is a symbol of high status. And the selection of Neytiri's image has deepened this layer of meaning. At the same time, Neytiri's brave is also the value that the pendant wants to convey. In the real life, people dare to express themselves and bloom their charm.

In addition, Avatar, as a well-known movie, its pioneering 3D and IMAX technology brought science fiction into the 21st century, showing a nearly complete planetary world, which fascinated everyone. The film is short, but the memory is eternal. There is nothing more beautiful than making Avatar a real thing and hanging it around your neck, feeling the existence of Avatar at all times, and letting Avatar listen to your voice. Through this pendant, we and Avatar will be connected forever.

As Avatar: The Way of Water is coming soon, we customized this Avatar pendant, hoping to recall more people's memories of Avatar. Let’s meet our old friends and continue our Pandora journey with this unique Avatar pendant. We will not forget that there is a movie called Avatar and a jewelry called KRKC.