There are lots of things you need to keep in mind when selling wholesale Moissanite Diamond. Read the complete guide to make your business grow.


With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of fashion jewelry has become more and more prominent. Especially young people, they have a strong pursuit of personalized things. Then, we can see that gem jewelry like Moissanite has become more and more popular in recent years. Today, I will share with you some important tips, which are not to be ignored in your business growth of wholesale Moissanite.


1. How to introduce Moissaniteto consumers?


Natural Moissanite crystals are scarce, which greatly hinders its widespread promotion. It was only with advanced technology that Moissanite truly integrated art and science perfectly. From the appearance, Moissanite looks like a Diamond or Cubic Zirconium (or CZ) because they all are near-colorless. But in fact, they are unique jewelry with different physical, optical and chemical properties. For example, the chemical composition of diamond is carbon (C), while Moissanite is silicon carbide (SiC).


Nowadays, Cubic Zirconium (or CZ) has been widely synthesized by many companies and used as a cheap diamond simulant. In contrast, Moissanite is not a diamond simulant, but a unique jewelry. The amount of natural Moissanite crystals is so rare that it was once unsuitable for use in jewelry. This actually symbolizes the uniqueness and eternity of love. At the same time, the excellent brightness and firepower of Moissanite is another reason why women around the world choose to own this incredible jewelry.


(1) Brightness of Moissanite Diamond


Moissanite has a higher brightness and luster than any other popular gemstones (including diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds). The refractive index of Moissanite is 2.65-2.69, which is nearly 10% higher than that of diamond.


(2) Firepower of Moissanite Diamond


Compared with other gems and jewels (including diamonds), pyroxene has higher firepower and brilliance, nearly 2.4 times the firepower of diamonds. Not only can the thermal conductivity meter fail to detect the difference between Moissanite and diamonds, but also the price of Moissanite is less than one-tenth of the price of diamonds. In conclusion, these qualities make eternal colorless Moissanite an excellent value.


2. How to eliminate consumer concerns?


In general, the durability of a gemstone depends on its hardness, scratch resistance, toughness or chipping resistance. Unlike other jewelry will become turbid over time, Moissanite has strong wear resistance and is harder than the most popular gems such as ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite, which can be passed down from generation to generation like diamonds. However, we may hear many complaints about moissanite, such as cloudy color. Then you can explain the following reasons to consumers.


(1) It depends on Moissanite qualities


For ordinary consumers, it is difficult to purchase suitable Moissanite stone due to the different prices and quality on the market. When purchasing moissanite, consumers have three color categories to choose from Colorless, near-colorless, and slightly tinted. The common and classic Moissanite is the yellowish-green one which is much cheaper than colorless one.


Although the Moissanite is commonly graded on color, the cut is still an important factor, because correctly cut stone will enhance the luster of Moissanite. There are many Moissanite cuts, like princess, marquise, pear, cushion, radiant and heart. The most popular shape by far is the round brilliant cut, which tends to maximize the fire of the stone, and is also extremely versatile to wear.


Therefore, in KRKC, we insist on hand-selecting Moissanite stone, which is completely clean and transparent, similar shining with real diamonds. At the same time, KRKC provides different cutting methods to meet your special demand.


Moissanite diamond


(2) It depends on Maintenance methods


Just like diamonds, Moissanite should be cleaned regularly, and the prerequisite for lasting indefinitely is that consumers can maintain it properly.  Therefore, KRKC insists on placing a maintenance instruction card in every piece of jewelry. For example, consumers can use regular jewelry cleaners to remove oil, dust, soap scum, fingerprints, etc. For more stubborn stains, consumers may need to use silver polish and a cloth to restore its original luster.


3. How to help consumers choose Moissanite style?


There are many Moissanite styles on the market, but not all Moissanite styles are suitable for all consumers. Therefore, as a retailer, when making a style recommendation, it needs to consider more from the following three perspectives.


(1) It depends on Occasions


Moissanite diamonds are generally used in six occasions, including daily wear, high-end occasions, proposal, engagement, wedding, and anniversary. If a consumer purchases a Moissan diamond for high-end occasions or proposes, we can suggest him to choose a more noble style, such as an 80-point or 1-carat Moissan diamond. If it is for a wedding or anniversary, we can recommend consumers to choose simple and generous styles, such as platinum Moissanite.


(2) It depends on Roles


If our consumers are white-collar workers, we can recommend luxurious and dignified Moissanite styles, such as group diamonds and square diamonds. On the contrary, if the consumer is a housewife, a simple and generous round Moissanite style is more suitable.


(3) It depends on Implications


Many consumers tend to choose a Moissanite with a romantic meaning to represent their love. For example, a five-claw ring represents "infinite love"; 1 carat represents "a lifetime"; 1 carat five-claw Moissanite represents giving you unlimited love for a lifetime. This kind of Moissan diamond with obvious romantic meaning is very suitable to be worn when expressing love, and retailers can carry out more inventory reserves.


4. How to help consumers determine budget?


When consumers buy Moissan diamonds, budget and demand are important considerations in decision-making. In the final stages of making a purchase decision, we often hear consumers complain that the price is too high. This is actually because we did not help the other party to set a clear budget at the beginning. For example, there are many inferior Moissanite Diamond on the market which give consumers the illusion of cheap prices. However, if you have a good understanding of Moissanite's 4C standards in advance, you can help consumers make more informed choices.


At the same time, consumers need to be informed that the customization is different from the finished Moissanite diamond. Customized Moissanite diamonds take more than a month (in KRKC, this time is about 30 days), and the price will be higher, so retailers need to guide consumers to make decisions based on actual conditions.


Now, Moissanite Diamond is very popular among many retailers, but only if you do it in the right way. Follow the tips mentioned abouve to ensure your success: introduce moissanite to consumers, dispel their worries, help them make decisions, and guide their budget perception.