Facebook is the first choice for marketing and online advertisement. It has the most users and target most of the audience of same interest and it also targets the audience that other social media platforms cannot.


Same goes for the jewelry advertisement.


Why Facebook can effectively market jewelry?


When you market your Jewelry business on Facebook more people know about it and it becomes easy for them to buy from you. You can add description of your product. Therefore, if someone search for your product, they can see enough information and may be more likely to buy.


The jewelry industry is continuously growing, especially when it comes to selling online. Sometimes, Jewelers did not bring real sales due to the lack of marketing strategies and deficient knowledge of their target audience.


According to a recent survey of marketers, Facebook remains the only one most effective social media marketing platform out there.


Here are the reasons that will apprise you why Facebook is the most effective social media marketing platform for jewelry:


1. Massive Users


Facebook has the massive number of users. It is the only social media platform that has global coverage. Over 1,5 billion users visit Facebook daily. About 2,3 billion — every month.  There is huge almost & Million companies utilize online ads to target a massive number of users. For Jewelry business it becomes much easier. There are number of users that you can target according to their demographics, age, gender, location and behavioral data that users willingly share with Facebook.


Facebook also give you the option to grow your business by organic growth. If you execute effective marketing strategy, SEO and content marketing, you have a fair chance to reach out to your target audience that is willing to buy your product.


On Facebook you can't just target audience from your area, city or country you can target audience worldwide and grow your business.


2. Drive more conversions


Facebook is all time my favorite social media platform to run ad campaigns. There are so many targeting options and positioning– the opportunities are limitless. If you, do it right, you can anticipate, re-engage, and convert in a cost-efficient way.


The Facebook website conversion goal helps you grow business on your website. If you want to generate leads to your website. Increase engagement or sales growth, Facebook helps you with everything. Facebook conversion reach out to your potential audience and also keeps the track of conversion. Facebook is the most efficient platform that can help to generate the lead towards website and increase your business on website.


3. Brand publicity


If anybody wants to promote its jewelry business, he should come to Facebook. If you will promote your business efficiently, it will help you to drive more sales. Facebook allows business owners to interact with their audience through posts.


More importantly, Facebook provides business owners with the opportunity to increase brand awareness by having easy and direct access to a broader audience.


Essentially, Facebook gives opportunity to business owners to spread brand awarness.


Here’s how Facebook can help improve your jewelry's brand awareness online:

  • Targeting Posts to A Specific Class of Audience
  • Using Facebook Advertising
  • Publishing Educational and Engaging Content
  • Responding to Comments
  • Posting Original Photos of your Designs and Products
  • Using a Link
  • Creating Facebook groups


As a matter of fact, having a Facebook page can help your business connect with a large number of people. By following these tips, you can generate more leads to your website, get more engagement and can create brand awareness efficiently.



How Facebook Marketing Helps Jewelry Businesses?


When you talk about promoting and advertising your business, Facebook marketing is a great way. It allows you to connect your customers directly. You can regularly post about updates which gives you a  a great chance to create a unique voice, style, and image for your subscribers.


When you sell jewelry, you trade self-confidence and belonging. You are selling an emotion, a representation of love and memories between loving partners, or a pendant that will possibly be passed down through the generations and become a family treasure.


Jewelry is representation of memories. If you are conveying a story with every piece of jewelry by Facebook marketing via posts and videos, paid ads and content marketing then, you are on a right path of marketing.


Facebook Marketing is especially true for small businesses to big companies. With Facebook marketing you have a better chance to engage with your audience which helps you to build strong relationship with your customers. Your customers like to know that you’re thinking about them. They want to be made aware of the latest that’s happening in your business and it helps you to keep them update.


Facebook ads are the best way to reach out with an update for your customers quickly. You can talk about your sales, business updates, new products launch, new features of your product and these are the good points for Facebook strategy.


Now a days people are so obsessed with technology and mobile, after awaking checking mobile is the first thing they do. Imagin a person day start with your post notification. By imaging that, you can easily calculate how much Facebook marketing is important. Facebook marketing can deliver that.

1. Create a business page


Your Facebook account works as digital shop for you. More than 2 Billion people are Facebook users and they could be your potential customers.

Connect your business or voice of your business with audience globally on Facebook. Here's what you'll need to set up your Facebook Page.


(1) Your business name and description

Name your Page after your business, or another name that people search for to find your business. In the about section tell people about your business.


(2)  profile photo and cover photo

Choose photos that represent your business well. You can also use your Logo on your profile picture and positioning line on cover photo.


(3) The action you want people to take

At the top of page, you can add call to action, you can add your website, email address or contact number anything that you want people should explore for you. Keep it in mind, having online presence for your business will be beneficial for you in long-term.


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2. Customize your business profile


 It's a great way to boost yourself and show customers the great services and products you have to offer. Your profile casts first impression, a person firstly checks your profile and see testimonials or reviews then he decides to buy from you. You can customize your profile to make sure it matches your description and complements your branding.


In a world where 40 million+ small businesses have Facebook Pages, simply creating a Page won't guarantee you much in the way of results. In order to attract and engage your target audience, you need your Facebook marketing to be unique and stand out from the same niche.


To help you get started, we put together this list of seven tips and tricks you can use for customizing your company's Facebook Page.


(1) Claim Your Custom URL


First things first: If you haven't already, head to the URL and create a custom URL for your Facebook Page that's short and easy to remember. Remember, you can create it once and cannot ever update it again.


(2) Control Who can See Your Page


It will help you know your potential audience and you can invite them to like your page and they can be turn into your customer. By managing in visibility settings, you can also keep an eye that your page is reaching to the right audience or not.


(3) Control What Content Appears on Your Page


You can also customize your page visibility in general settings, you can also customize what content can appear on your page. Specifically, you can also control who can post on your page and who is not.


(4)  Add a Call-to-Action Button


It's a little tweak that can make a big impact Page. You can add call to action button on your Facebook page. It will only take few second of yours.


(5) Customize Your Page's Tabs


You can customize your Facebook Page's tabs by selecting managing tabs from menu. From there, you can also customize your tabs appearance order.


(6) Use Custom Images


In real world it is crucial to have a best shot or a graphic designer that can customize picture according to your taste. But in digital world it is possible. Facebook recommends you the option to add high quality images.


(7) Add Ratings & Reviews to Your Page


Facebook Pages have widgets for rating and reviews. Adding reviews will give clearer picture to your customers and it will help them to trust you.


3. Update Posts Regularly


Among the quantity of pages, search engine keeps tracking of you when you post daily and it shows you in top searches. Consistency helps to find your page in top searches. Once a week is enough for most businesses – but what benefits are there to be post regularly?


(1) Keep your audience coming back


When you post regularly it helps to keep your audience coming back to your page to see updates and new products. When you post regularly, they see your posts popping out daily on their wall and unconsciously you make place in their mind.


(2) Improve your search engine ranking


The search engine likes unique and fresh content and even google does the ranking on basis of this.  When you update regularly – once a week, for example – your fresh content triggers a visit from the search engine spiders, who will index your site, and when they find out its fresh, they rank you little high.


(3) Fresh content to share on social media


By spreading the word about your business on social media networks you increase the traffic coming to your website – which, in the long run, gives you more potential customers.


(4) Monetary opportunities


Posting daily can generate leads to your website which can increase your sales.


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4. Post videos


Videos are the future. Video marketing is the newest addition in terms of promoting. A question rises there, is it really worth to use videos for advertising and promotion? The answer is: Yes, it’s worth using to advertise. Not only because everyone’s doing it but because video is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out there.


Here are 8 reasons why you should post videos right now.


(1) Video Boosts Conversions and Sales


First things first. Videos can make you some serious money. When, you add a product video on your page. It increases the conversion rate by 80%.


(2) Video are source of Great ROI


There is a more exciting news for you. 83% of businesses states that video is source of return on investment. Even though video production is not yet the easiest nor cheapest task, it pays off big time. You can make videos from your smart phone. Now Online video editing tools are improving and becoming affordable day by day.


(3) Video Builds Trust


Trust is the foundation of conversions and sales. But building trust should be a goal on its own. The concept behind content marketing is to build trust and trustworthy relationship. Video does it all. Video content is likely to engage us and light emotions. So, if you are serious about content marketing, you must be serious about video, too.


(4) Google Loves Videos


There are 53% chance to show up in top search if you have video on your website.


(5) Video Appeals to Mobile Users


Video and mobile go hand in hand. 90% of customers watch vide on their cell phone.


(6) Video Marketing Can Explain Everything


Are you launching a new product or a service? Create a video about its functioning.


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 5. Interact with fans


Interacting with fans sounds crucial but when to interact with your fans, reply to their comments and post Q&A and share their answers on your feed it makes them feel that they are part of your organization and your team. When you invest your time in interacting with your fans it shows them their support means to you. When you interact with your audience it keeps them aware of you. You build cordial relation with them it helps them to build trust on your brand. Why anybody will buy from you if you will not care about them, interacting with audience shows you care about them. It solidifies relationships with fans.


6. Utilize Paid Advertisement


 Paid Advertisement gives you quick results. It helps you to rank your website on top searches and also brings traffic to your website. If your organic reach on social media is down. Paid ad gives you fast results. Ads are affordable and also measurable. You can customize your ad according to your budget.


7. Run occasional Activity


It's important to have a schedule for Page management and optimization that matches your business requirements and engagement style.


Running occasional activity e.g., post, videos or stories in end, it all helps you to boost your business online. When you post, it helps in spreading awareness about your brand and convey your message to audience. If you have a large audience and high engagement rate, you receive messages and comments. Likely, you are spending more time engaging with them and it is necessary to keep your page active.


Have a clear goal, what you want to achieve with your page. It depends on how much time you spend on your page.




Facebook is biggest marketing platform for marketing and to grow your business, no matter if you have a small business or big company. If you want to get customers engagement, want to generate leads and increase sales. It helps you in all areas of social media marketing.