Custom Jewelry : All You Need To Know

In an era of mass-produced fast fashion everywhere, nothing is more important than a true, personalised design and a unique sense of individual style. That's what makes custom jewelry so irresistible.

2022 is the year of personalised jewelry. Countless celebrities are expressing themselves and showing their individuality through bespoke jewelry. If you too can't wait to try it but don't know where to start, keep reading.

  1. Why Choose Custom Jewelry?

Custom design will give you the chance to get a one-of-a-kind piece that fits your needs perfectly, which means that you are in charge of everything from the choice of materials to the tiniest details of the piece. Not only that, but you can also put your own unique personality into it. Create your custom jewelry effortless from here.

  1. Types of Custom Jewelry

For custom jewelry design, you have hundreds of combinations and options to explore. Here are some popular types of personalised pieces that we love to collaborate with you on:

  • Tailor-Made Jewelry

We ensure that you are in full control of the entire process in customising your jewelry, from every aspect of the design to the selection of materials.



  • Photo Pendant

Looking for a gift for a loved one? Want to store a small photo of a friend or relative? Then our photo pendant option is for you. The materials are several types of yellow and white gold for you to choose from. We can also customize your photo pendant based on your taste.


  • Letter Chain

You can combine letters and pendants to create unique pieces. Simply pick and customize the way you like and unleash your inner designer.


See more types here.

  1. Custom Jewelry Design Process

Here is the step-by-step breakdown of the entire custom design process:

  • Fill out the form

Fill out the form on our website with your information and description to help us better understand your idea.

  • Confirmation

Our professional will reach out to you, assist you in finding the right design, metal and stone to achieve an unique dream piece and offer the final quote.

  • Production

We will turn any idea or image into an everlasting work of art and we will keep you updated during the process.

  • Delivery

We will provide you with photos of the final piece and take care of the packaging and shipping. All you have to do is simply pay the remaining fee.

Expedite your process right here.

  1. Why Choose Us?

At KRKC, we turn your dreams into reality. Our expert jewelers and talented goldsmiths are eager to help you design a one-of-a-kind piece in 14k, 18k or platinum.

  • The consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) model we use connects manufacturers with consumers. It cuts off all unnecessary costs, allowing you to buy ultra-high-quality custom jewelry at ultra-low prices.
  • Our bespoke jewelry team has over 10 years of experience. Not only is it custom made, we want to share our high-end craftsmanship with our clients as well. We offer custom jewelry in large sizes for businesses or individuals.
  • We'll take all your inspiration, ideas and specifications to paper and critically view the design for durability, timelessness and staying within your budget. After going through the feedback, we will frame your design into a 3D CAD model and send you a digital rendering of all angles for your approval.
  • We can provide certificates for precious metals of the materials used. This includes certificates for natural and cultivated diamonds from the most prestigious gemological institutes, GIA and IGI.
  • Our experienced custom jewelry team will work on fine-tuning and streamlining your vision to match not only your budget, but the reality of how and when you will wear your jewellery.

    The Bottom Line

    Ready to start your custom jewelry design? At KRKC, we create any type of custom jewelry from the simplest to the most complex design. We can help you make the perfect pendants, rings and more at affordable prices. It’s time to let your personal style shine! Contact us here.