There are a number of jewelry types in the market these days and just like numerous entities of the fashion world, certain fashion items disappears and return in fashion trend after years and some continue to lead all the time.


The Cuban link chain is an accessory which somehow managed to be in demand for a long period of time and found its way to the top of the wish list for a lot of young individuals. It is a highly wished style and luxurious fashion and everyone wants it in this era of fashion.


What is a Cuban link chain? How to choose Cuban link chain? Is this type of jewelry made only for men? All of these questions will be answered here.


1. What is Cuban Link Chain?

The Cuban link chain is vital to a fashion ornament that portrays luxury at every event. It also exhibits a lasting and classic design that always stays in style as other fashion trends come and go.


It is known to be a luxurious accessory that represents a sense of status and style. The chains are jewelry items that are stuck around and grab attention every time a person puts it on.

One remarkable feature of Cuban link chains is their durability and strength which adds value to their glamour. Meanwhile, Cuban link chains adaptable and ideal ingredients of fashion, which adds charm to their attractive and thick appearance. All in all, Cuban link chains are popular for their well-made, exclusive, and thick feel.

If you are looking to wholesale perfect Cuban link chains for your jewelry store but vague about the design, the following is the most complete suggestion list of the Cuban link chains organized by our team of professional jewelry designers. 


2. Choose Correct Types Of Cuban link chain


Most chain links are made using gold. However, many manufacturers mix gold with varieties of steel or alloy to toughen up the quality of the chain links.  Most manufacturers use either copper, nickel, silver, or palladium. Whatever the combination, you should first know for yourself which type of Gold Cuban Link Chain you want.


Actually when people say "Gold Cuban Link Chain", it is really confusing. The confusion arises because the term "gold" can be used to describe the color and material of jewelry. If it is difficult for you to determine whether to pay for gold or gold material, it would be unfair because of the huge difference in costs. There are usually 5 materials called gold: gold plated, gold plated sterling silver, gold filled , pure gold, and hollow gold. Next, we will discuss different types of gold Cuban Link Chain.


(1) Gold plated


A process of applying valuable metals to jewelry is known as physical vapor deposition or simply PVD. Physical vapor deposition is ten times more durable than coating and electro plating. It is an operation that involves exploding a vaporized precious metal on the surface of a solid base metal to weld them together. When bombed, the vaporized metal initially loads and restocks the tiny chambers and holes of the cavities on the base metal and then furnishes the rest of the metal base to safeguard the top surface and prevents it from every kind of harm. Gold plating is impenetrable and it resists corrosion from sweat and water. But it can be scratched easily. The top surface can be smoothly fixed by re-plating and it is not an expensive process. Jewelry items with a physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating are in the normal to expensive price range.


* Pros of using Gold plated Cuban link chain

Gold plated Cuban link chains looks like real gold jewelry.

Gold plated Cuban link chains make exceptional ornament decoration.

They are easy to construct with a large number of potential design.

They are very strong, well built and long lasting.

Gold plated Cuban link chains are available commonly in the market at very reasonable prices.


* Cons of using Gold plated Cuban link chain

Gold plated Cuban link chains will lose its color and gets blackened after some time.

The gold plating is easily scratch able and can be chipped off.

The amount of gold used in plating is quite nominal thus the value of the item is lowered.

It is advised not to wear gold plated jewelry items in water.

(2) Gold Plated Sterling Silver

The Gold Plated Sterling Silver technique includes coating and layering sterling silver with a thin and fine layer of gold which is at least 10 karats and 2.5 microns thick. The item must have a gold thickness of 2.5 microns and the coated layer must be over a sterling silver base. In gold plated sterling silver jewelry items, the gold plated layer can have a number of different layers of gold. The gold layer can be between 10K and 24K and the choice of gold layer decides the color of the gold plated piece. A 10K gold plated piece would be a lighter item and more fine yellow colored, while a 24K gold plated piece would have an severe, deep yellow tone. To differentiate between gold plated sterling silver jewelry items and the simpler ones, three parameters should be kept in mind: the base metal, gold thickness and the quality of the gold.

(3) Gold Filled Jewelry

Gold filled jewelry items are comprised of a real layer of gold that is bonded with pressure to another metal. Gold filling is one of the most expensive and rust resistant procedure for creating gold jewelry and other products. The gold filled jewelry items can last a lifetime due to its durability if proper care is taken. Gold filled jewelry is an inexpensive replacement to the solid gold. The process utilizes an enduring bonding technique that involves immensely high temperatures and pressure. The outcome of this process is a thick fine layer of precious metal as compared to PVD or coating. As this process is much intense, sufficient amount of gold is required which increases the overall price of the process.


* Pros of using Gold filled jewelry products:

A gold filled product has a higher quantity of gold in which makes it much more expensive.

The gold filled jewelry item is a durable piece which will not be rusted or chip off.

It is proved to be safe and harmless for people with metallic allergies.


* Cons of using Gold filled jewelry products:


Gold filled jewelry item is much more expensive than gold plated products.

They have a life span of about fifteen to twenty years and cannot last forever.


(4) Solid Gold Jewelry

Holding a solid gold jewelry product in hand, the first noticeable thing is the weight. A solid chain made up from gold quite dense and very heavy. The second noticeable thing will probably be the price of the jewelry item. Good quality solid gold chain is quite expensive due to the expensive metal used. The solid gold jewelry is known best for its durability. For instance, a good quality solid gold chain can be used for years and it can be turned into new condition with a easy polish and buff. A lot people are wearing their grandmother’s bracelet or their grandfather’s chain. These solid gold chains show signs of tarnish and corrosion after few generations. Another great benefit of a solid gold jewelry is that when these products are worn out, they still have reasonable gold price and can be sold.

(5) Hollow Gold Jewelry

Holding a hollow gold jewelry product in hand, the first noticeable thing is its light weight. The second noticeable thing will surely be the price of the hollow jewelry item. The recent hike in the prices of gold has forced gold diggers and manufacturers to discover new techniques to produce thinner jewelry items using lesser amount of gold. The jewelry items manufactured by this new technique look like the conventional solid jewelry but they are very light in weight and hollow from inside.

* Pros of using Hollow Gold Jewelry

The biggest benefit of using hollow gold jewelry is that it is inexpensive and light in weight.


* Cons of using Hollow Gold Jewelry

Hollow gold jewelry items are very weak and can be stretched easily. It quite easy to mark dents and break these products.


Hollow gold jewelry products cannot be repaired multiple times thus its scrap value is almost nil.

3. Choose Suitable clasps of Cuban link chain

Make sure the link chain you choose has a good clasp installed. Most chains have a cheap clasp installed that could easily break and would make you lose your chain.


A good clasp choice is the lobster hold, as it is strong and closes the more you pull on your chain. Clasps are the mandatory elements to bind the two jewelry pieces. A necklace, bracelet or a ring can be attached using the clasps. There are certain types of clasps available in the market. People wear their jewelry with the best type of clasps with impressive designs.


(1) Spring Clasp

A typical spring clasp has a circular working mechanism with a lever shaft which pulls the spring to unlock or lock the jewelry items. Normally, a gold spring clasp is used with a wrist bracelet or a necklace. The spring clasp is also best to rearrange the rings in the chained necklace or bracelet if the jewelry is too loose to wear.

(2) Lobster Clasp

Lobster clasp is one of the most popular clasps which is typically used in necklaces. These types of claps are available in abundance in the most of the jewelry stores. They come in luxurious designs and amazing patterns. Lobster claps have a self-closing quality. In order to open a lobster clasp, the lever should be pushed down using the thumb. This will result in forcing the inner claw of the clasp to bend and flex inward. Releasing the lever will close the clasp again. A modern form of the lobster clap is used in the making of anklet and bracelet.


(3) Box Clasp

This type of clasp is a clasp having two pieces. It opens when the exterior lever is pushed down from the wedge shaped piece of metal, compressing it so that it slides out of the opening. Push it back in, and it clicks into place. Box clasps are known to be very easy to use, but generally they do not have as enough strength like lobster clasps. Box clasps are also plain or decorative and they come in a number of shapes and sizes.


(4) Toggle Clasp

In toggle clasp, there is a thin bar and a ring mechanism on the other segment of the jewelry product to lock in that same bar. The use of toggle clasp is a very popular in rings. The lock of the toggle clasp helps in adjusting the ring around the finger and it is easily manageable.


4. Find the Hottest size of Cuban link chain

What size Cuban Link Chain is a question we all ask ourselves before purchasing our first Cuban Links. It all comes down to personal preferences. The main question to ask is: do you like your chain big or small? There was a time when men used to wear a longer length and women a shorter length. However, this isn’t the case in 2020. In fact, most men prefer the choker lengths these days.

The most popular Cuban Link Chain sizes in 2020 are 12mm, 18mm, and 19mm wide, and the length most people go for varies from 16 inches and 18 inches (also known as choker length) to 20 inches and 22 inches. These lengths and widths are perfect for both men and women. Although women usually prefer the 12mm Cuban Links.

You can shorten your Cuban Link Chain if you mistakenly bought the wrong length, or simply just decided you want it short after wearing it for a while. Take it back to your Jeweler or any Jeweler you trust, they should be able to take out some of the links from the chain. Always remember to keep your links with you, just in case you want them back on your chain someday. 


Conclusion of Cuban Link Chains:

Our jewelry professionals have compiled this comprehensive list of Cuban link chains. The details and particulars provided in this article should be kept in mind while choosing and buying an ideal Cuban link chain. This article will definitely help out the customers before purchasing. Have got any more questions? Please leave a note at the bottom of our website. Our customer care department will surely entertain all of your queries.