With the increasing prevalence of video marketing, you can effectively use them for improving customer engagement. Research indicates that 84% of people buy products after watching a product video or the brand's video. So, with such a humongous population reporting the impact of videos, you should utilize it in your jewelry business and analyze the impact yourself.

In this article, we’ll share the reasons for using video marketing for your jewelry business along with sharing some tips that you can use to make your videos effective for better results. Besides, the different platforms available for video marketing and promotion are also part of this article to give you a holistic view of the entire scenario.


Why videos can effectively market jewelry?


The excessive competition in the online world has reduced the attention spans of the audience significantly. Reading long posts or engaging with still pictures isn’t appealing to people anymore. To create engagement, you need videos, which cannot only highlight the product features but can also provide your audience with different styling and usage tips for the jewelry items you offer. Only then, you can expect your audience to comment, react, or share your store video with their friend list.

Here are a few other reasons to convince you that video marketing can be effective and can generate effective results for you.


1. Virtual shopping Lists:


Videos can help in creating excitement in your audience regarding the jewelry items you are offering. While seeing a model wearing a bracelet or necklace, the viewer would be interested to create that specific look. Such a relatable experience is challenging to create with images.

Once you have managed to create the reliability of your product with the user, you can easily convince them to add it to their virtual shopping list or buy it right away. With the videos, you can also trigger a call to action that can ultimately translate into monetary conversions for your business.

Thus, you should not let go of this opportunity and create product videos for your online jewelry store.


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2. Keep Customers Informed:


Another reason for using videos for marketing jewelry items is to keep the customers informed about the products you have. Jewelry can be considered as a rarely purchased item, so there is a high chance that the customers and potential customers would be out of touch with the design too. Thus, they need reinforcement about the designs and the latest trends too.

By creating the videos, you can offer them an awareness of the latest trends going on in the market and the products you have in your store. This will result in a better understanding of your store products that can be translated into your sales.


3. Influence Buying Decisions:


Influencing buying decisions is another reason for which you should create videos for your jewelry store. Seeing the models wearing the jewelry items can urge the viewers to buy similar products. Besides, certain items, which aren’t, as appealing in the pictures could get better in the videos, especially when viewers see them being used differently.

If you’ll create such videos, there is a high chance that your products would get a better understanding of the products and their usage too. Thus, increasing the chances of product purchase. Another strategy you can use is to ask for suggestions regarding the use of different jewelry items you sell. This will increase the engagement, and when such suggestions would be coming from the other users, the audience would be using them in a better way.


How to promote jewelry through videos?


Although, the research proves that videos can impact the decision-making and awareness level of the consumers, but you need to use the videos effectively to generate the best results.

If you aren’t sure about the methods through which you can trigger engagement, then in this section, we are going to help you by providing a few tips that can improve the engagement level and thus provide better results.

So, let’s have a look at a few tips without wasting any time.


1. Make video topics informative:


If you expect your customers to get the most out of your videos, then you should focus on creating videos on informative topics. Your videos shouldn’t be a promotional message only; rather, they should bring value to the viewers. For a jewelry store, you can create videos on topics like how to keep the necklaces clean, why do some jewelry items turn black after some time, what is the right method of storing jewelry.

Creating videos on these topics will help users in solving one or more of their problems, which will result in building trust between your brand and the customers. Besides, the audience will get to know more about your brand, and this is one of the objectives you want to achieve from creating the videos, isn’t it?


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2. Use engaging video titles:


The use of engaging video titles is essential to improve the click-through rate. Even if your audience will find your videos based on your effective marketing strategies, clicking through them for watching would be totally dependent on them. No matter how informative your video is, if it won’t contain a good title to impress your audience, they won’t click it, and the result would be no engagement.

However, one tip here is not to falsify the title just to increase the click-through or engagement rate. It might impact you positively in the short-run, but in the long run, you’ll lose your reputation with the audience. Even in the short run, false titles might influence the click-through rate, but it won’t keep the audience engaged for the entire video.


3. Turn your blog articles into your videos:


If you don’t have any idea about finding the new topics for the videos, the best thing you can do is turn your blog articles into your videos. This will reduce your time in searching keywords again and would most likely result in a good ranking as well.

As discussed earlier, with the high competition in the online world and low attention levels of the customers, reading the content isn’t one of the things that usually the audience likes. So, sharing the same topic in the video form would be a good way to drive to the website or the social media platform.

One of the pro tips here is to create platform-specific content rather than using the same video for each platform. You can create a detailed video for your website if you want to include the video version of your article on your website too. However, for platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, you need to the point and smaller-length videos, so that your audience will view these videos and get relevant information.


4. Keep your videos short and straightforward:


Another thing that you should keep in mind when creating the videos for promotional purposes is to keep them short and straightforward. While creating the videos, do not go for unnecessary introduction or details because the online users are not expecting such details. They need simple and short things that can solve their problems.

So, the shorter the videos the better engagement you can expect.


5. Ask questions and feedback at the end:


One of the other things that can create higher engagement for the videos is asking questions or feedback. Imagine the impact and engagement on the video if you have asked about the audience's opinion regarding a bracelet you have shown. If people would like it, they’ll share their positive opinion and vice versa. This will not only help in making your video reachable to even more audiences but the flaws and gaps in your product can also be properly identified, leading to an overall improvement in your brand’s performance.


Where to boost your video?


If you have understood the reasons for creating videos and the right technique for creating them properly, then you would be wondering where to upload these videos, so you can get more audience and a higher reach. If this is so, then in this section, we’ll share a few forums that can provide you with a great audience.
So, let’s see which forums can give you the most benefit?


1. YouTube:


The creation of videos on YouTube allows you enough room to experiment with different formats of videos. You can create informational videos or videos with products. Besides, you can use the simple straightforward approach or go for detailed videos. All these types would be acceptable by the YouTube audience.
With the insights you get from videos, you can create relevant content and target the right audience.

You can improve the reach of your video by implementing video optimization strategies. Using the right keywords in the title and description is the first thing you should adopt. Additionally, creating an attractive thumbnail also helpful. As discussed in the above sections too, do not fake the title or provide wrong information in the video, as you’ll lose your audience’s trust, and the result wouldn’t be very good.

Another benefit of creating videos on YouTube is that you can use the sponsored ad options to target the right audience and to improve the watch time of your videos. When done rightly, subscribers and jewelry sales for your store can also get better.

Besides, you can include the link to the specific videos from your YouTube channel to your website. Thus, your website can also get a better ranking, and so does your YouTube channel, maximizing the potential of sales.


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2. Facebook:


The audience of Facebook can engage with your video even if it is in a long format. However, it has to be engaging enough to hook the audience from the very beginning. You can create story-based content for your jewelry store if you want the maximum attention from your Facebook page audience.

Thus, using the concept of converting the blog articles into videos could be a good idea for creating engagement. Even on Facebook, you can use videos in the ads. So, videos can help in creating a relevant base by using the sponsored ads for your store. The call to action provided by Facebook ensures your audience performs the right action after watching your video.

When using Casebook as the social media platform for video marketing, you also have the opportunity to interact with your audience in the live sessions. You can go live with your products and describe the features of a particular item in detail. These live sessions can help in generating significant sales if you already have a good fan base following you on your Facebook page.


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3. Tiktok:


The last forum we would be recommending you focus on for video marketing is TikTok. TikTok is known for short-format videos, consisting of only a few seconds. So, showcasing the jewelry should be the only thing that you should be doing in these videos.

Don’t forget to use high-quality camera images so the audience would be tempted to view your jewelry designs. You don’t necessarily need a model for the Tiktok videos. Displaying the items with a white background can be a perfect strategy to go with. However, you can go for A/B testing by using different video formats and patterns. Once you get the results, you can optimize accordingly and use the video types that your audience loves.

Use the relevant hashtags to reach the relevant audience. In TikTok format, how-to videos can also be a good idea to start with. Adding a trendy music byte would also add more value to your video, so considering incorporating it as well.


Summing up for jewelry video marketing:


Using videos for marketing the jewelry product has now become an essential strategy that jewelry owners cannot ignore. However, you can’t create any video and expect to get good brand engagement and sales. It is essential to optimize the videos for the platform's relevant audience to get the best results. You can follow the tips provided in this article to do so and get the most out of your jewelry store.