Innovation does not require a superb idea, sometimes it only requires you to arrange and combine some old elements.


In our stocked items, there is an iced pigeon which is popular with many clients. This pigeon pendant is a symbol of freedom and peace. It is even considered the carrier of prayers. This iced pendant features 14k gold plating with bling CZ stones. The glossy finish makes it super friendly to the skin even though long-time wearing.


One day, a customer contacted us to give this pigeon a big change. The effects he hopes to achieve include:

(1) The pigeon is spreading its wings and flying to the sky.

(2) Add some new elements to make the pigeon more vivid.

(3) Add some special elements to make the pigeon look more brave and long for freedom.


Then, it's our designer's showtime! After several rounds of discussions, our designers decided to add a green element, which is the most vital among all colors. Apart from the leaf, the designer also used green gems to inlay the eyes of the pigeon, making it pretty vivid. At the same time, by adding a metal block to the pigeon tail, it also increases its urgency for freedom. Then, we gained a new pigeon pendant, which is so special and amazing.



It is very simple to create a pendant that is unique to you. If you have any idea, contact us and we can help you make it come true.


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