One day, an Albanian customer sent KRKC an urgent inquiry, that is, he wanted to customize a pendant with special significance. After sending the picture below, the customer explained that he had previously customized a double-headed eagle pendant from a jewelry manufacturer, but the performance was not satisfying. 


custom pendant picture from krkc customer


This time we are still not in a hurry to sell, but to understand the needs of customers in detail. He hopes that we can make a pendant design that makes the eagle pattern more prominent and bling shine.


Then, our designer recommends the basic material of 925 sterling silver, plated with platinum, and then inlaid with white moissanite on the front and edges of the pendant. In terms of design, by enlarging the size of the eagle and engraving the text behind the pendant, the image of the eagle is further displayed. Below is our design picture.



Upon seeing the design draft, the client expressed great satisfaction and looked forward to receiving our pendant. 28 days later, he received the pendant and took the below picture. Thank customer recognition, KRKC is committed to helping more resellers increase the wholesale jewelry business.



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Note: All design manuscripts are authorized to be displayed by KRKC customers, and others are not allowed to advertise.