Another exciting design, this Iced Butterfly Pendant with Cuban link necklace is produced to make you feel loved and beautiful. With real gold, through hand-set sparkling Moissanite diamonds, it's radiance is further enhanced.


krkc butterfly custom pendant necklace

Observe carefully, the profile of the butterfly pendant is actually an elegant woman. In many articles, butterflies are compared to women, because the two  are all beautiful. 


The whole value of the butterfly lies in its beautiful wings, which are densely covered with a layer of powder, and are brightly colored by the reflection of light. Therefore, we recommend that the pendant be inlaid with Moissanite with high refraction.


krkc butterfly pendant with Miami Cuban link chains wholesale


Our custom pink butterfly pendant comes with an 12mm 16 inch Sterling Silver Cuban chain link set, which looks like a drizzle. This piece is sprinkled with hand-set stones so that it can shine from all angles. To make the woman's face more elegant, we made five layers plated on the butterfly wings with 18K rose gold and rhodium. 


Only at KRKC can you design this unique piece that will make you different. Bring this new thing to life today.


krkc manufacturer design drawing of butterfly pendant with Cuban Link chains for wholesale


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