ICED 3D Microphone Pendant


How to achieve a balance between price and quality? One of our customers gave a perfect answer. As a fan of Hip Hop music, he'd like to customize a pendant to convey his belief. Then, he had been searching for a suitable manufacturer. However, most of them either rejected the customization or quoted a high price. As for the few remaining ones, the templates given by them do not shine at all.



Why did this happen? The answer is the lack of advanced equipment. Even with the same sketches, the products produced by different factories are completely different. Considering the high cost of machine maintenance, most factories will not be equipped with too many production machines. Therefore, they can only accept some conventional and simple jewelry customization. On the contrary, only those factories that custom new designs every month have the ability to customize complex jewelry.


After learning that we customize 100+ new jewelry pieces every month, the customer chose to cooperate with us. He discussed the budget, requirement, material, Stones category with our jewelry consultant. With those details in mind, our artists start sketching design concepts until he finds the look feels perfect. In the end, he received unique jewelry several days after production.

" Affordable and good quality, same as you said." What he said to make our whole team feel proud.



It is very simple to create a pendant that is unique to you. If you have any idea, contact us and we can help you make it come true.


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