Share a friendship story about KRKC custom design pendant. That was a sunny day, when I was sorting my product file, an American customer popped up with a message on my Whatsapp. I thought it was a typical inquiry, however, it makes me moved later. The American customer shared the below picture and told me he wanted the same design but a better quality pendant.



Upon receiving his message, KRKC design team immediately held a meeting. From a professional design point of view, they agreed that the bottom sphere of the pendant is actually very uncoordinated. Considering that this may be of great significance to the customer, we asked him if he would share the story behind the pendant.


Then I heard a story about friendship. The customer has a best friend who is determined to become a world-renowned rapper. Therefore, our customer wanted to send his best friend a special gift and show his support. On the front of the pendant is the name of his band, and on the back is the name of his new records.


What a great friendship! While being moved by the customer’s thoughtfulness, I suggest that he give up the sphere under the pendant and focus on the most meaningful letters. And the idea was agreed by him soon. Then here is our design picture.


30 days later, his friend received this letter pendant and said it was the best gift he had ever received. Wow, hope more people can receive such a sweet gift. BTW, what' your most memorable gift? Come and share it with us.


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Note: All design manuscripts are authorized to be displayed by KRKC customers, and others are not allowed to advertise.