What's behind teen boys' obsession with sneakers? While sneaker culture started with basketball stars, it also has roots in the hip-hop and rock culture. Not only can every kid find a style to relate to, but over time, the styles have blended.


Almost all men, no matter how old, dream of having a pair of sneakers that show off their fashion. So does our client. He is a crazy fan of sneaker culture and are not satified with it. He wanted KRKC to help him customize a unique pendant based on his favorite sneaker style.

hip hop sneaker pendant

The Air Jordan University Blue is inspired by Michael Jordan’s college career at the University of North Carolina. The clean look became an instant hit, and is now yet another coveted colorway. Therefore, how to highlight the shape and color features of sneakers has become the most important thing in the process of customized pendant.


Then, we take three color (blue, black and white)  CZ diamond as the main inlaid stones. Below is our designed pendant which has become instant popularity among peers of the customer.


krkc custom sneaker pendant


It is very simple to create a pendant that is unique to you. If you have any idea, contact us and we can help you make it come true.


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