The great white shark is the king of the ocean, show the absolute confidence and courage. A shark design is undoubtedly the hottest pendant in 2021, wearing it will definitely make you stand out! With this idea in mind, a customer approached KRKC and expressed the desire to customize a shark-related jewelry.


In fact, we do have a shark pendant. This customizable 6ix9ine shark pendant, modeled on Bruce, is a snarling shark from Finding Nemo. The workmanship is exquisite, the shark pendant is made of 925 silver, does not fade, inlaid gemstones can choose diamond CZ and Moissanite, does not drop. However, he thought the jewelry is too precious to afford it.


shark pendant krkc wholesale


After continuous communication, we finally determined the design of the shark bracelet. At the same time, in order to further reduce the production cost, we chose copper instead of 925 silver as the basic material, and made further refinement in the design details. Below is our shark bracelet.

shark bracelet

It is very simple to create a pendant that is unique to you. If you have any idea, contact us and we can help you make it come true.


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