The 2022 Popular Jewelry Trends

If there is one keyword to describe the trend of 2022, I think it is BOLD, a bold and eye-poping design, assorted colors are applied in 1 piece playfully.

As in the saying, the louder, the more attention getter. The accessories in 2022 have stand out, either for the chucky look, or the quite playful design, or the some vantage styles that bring back people to the those charming old time.

Take a look at the content and hope it can get some inspiration for your business.

Colorful colors are amusing, and so do the colored jewelry. Colorful birthstone jewelry is winning people's attention over these years. A meaningful and exclusive birthstone jewelry is also one of the best choices for gifts.

The combination of heart-shaped pendant and moonstone brings the necklace a unique and elegant touch. And it is called "lover's stone", which is a symbol of friendship and love, and is an ideal gift for the beloved.

The iced out chains add a sense of boldness to your fashion look and makeup! Embedded with sparkling CZ stones with make-to-last stainless steel chains, you can easily steal the spotlight with this kind of jewelry. Ready to overtake the trendy necklaces, this is the one that should be choose!

Sleek lines and minimalist designs with decorative toggle clasp will regain popularity this year. Simple is less, simplicity adds gracefulness.

"Pearls are always appropriate."
As the birthstone of June, pearls have always been a symbol of elegance and timelessness. They are widely used in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, belt, etc. A chic item for both men and women.

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