Are you a jeweler looking for impactful ways to woo your customers? Fret not, I’ve got your back. Whether you’re making fresh attempts to sell jewelry online or you’re an established wholesale jewelry business trying to revamp your brand – we’re going to share tips to promote your jewelry store that will help you achieve your goals.


I have come up with 14 ways that will take your jewelry brand to new highs. These time-tested methods are quintessential to your growth and this is exactly how other popular brands have managed to build a strong online community. Follow these 14 tips to take your jewelry brand to the top:


1. Create a story that will appeal to emotions


Your customers want to be a part of a story that they can relate to. It’s imperative that you articulate a story around your brand that communicates the values and messaging of your brand. When your customers believe your brand develops products with their best interests at heart, they’re more likely to connect and move towards a purchase.


Jewelry purchases are generally made for special occasions. Pull at your customers’ heartstrings by highlighting similar stories around your products to tap into their emotions. This way, they’ll remember your brand’s messaging for longer.


It’s also worth your while to build a pool of marketing assets from pictures or other media shared by your customers on social media. It confers a dimension of authenticity on your jewelry brand and helps increases your customers’ confidence with real stories.


For example, our KRKC jewelry brand means KRRP REAL KEEP CHAMPION. Let’s KRKC! KRKC brand demonstrates youthfulness, individuality, fashion and outstanding personality. We believe hip hop is a spirit that inspires us to keep real and keep champion. 


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2. Build a solid online reputation with reviews


Most of your customers use at least one or more social media platforms. If you don’t engage with your customers on those platforms, someone else will. 21 century businesses benefit significantly from an online presence.


While garnering a healthy audience online can feel daunting for new brands, it’s something that will reap abundant benefits in the long term not only for brands that sell jewelry online but local retail and wholesale jewelry stores as well.


When you nurture an online community, you’ll be able to engage in discussions, provide customer support, launch products – much more effectively.


Your potential customers will likely take a quick look at your most popular online reviews before making a purchase. While you may be motivated by profit, your customers are motivated by the product quality and will therefore share an unbiased opinion of your brand. If your brand has a spectacular reputation online, you’ll see your community, and consequently, revenues grow at a consistent pace.


3. Create a Landing Page to Capture Emails


You can get an e-mail list by paying a few dollars online. But is it worth your time? NO. You want to build an e-mail list of people who are actually interested in your brand. For this, you need a concise, high-quality landing page on your website. A landing page is good only when it converts.


Your landing page is your stage. Use it to your best advantage. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. You’re on a jewelry store website’s landing page that you know nothing about. Would you subscribe to their e-mails? Probably not.


Through your landing page, you want to induce a feeling of trust. If you have received any recognition or awards, this is a good place to showcase them. If you have a giant community on any social media platforms, or testimonials from influencers, those can help build trust too.


When you earn their trust, they’ll gladly subscribe to your e-mails and you’ll have connected directly with customers who could very likely be hot leads. For example, KRKC always offer a discount to users who sign up on the landing page- Contact KRKC Now -to earn more leads.


krkc jewerlry manufacturer


4. Brag About Your Customer Service


You need a genuine, sincere approach to providing the best-in-class customer service. Make jewelry shopping an experience that your customer will be eager to come back to. Customer service is not limited to merely showing the products to your customers, you’ll need to walk them through a journey.


The journey starts right at your store’s main entrance. When you greet customers with a smile, it shows that you care for them and value them. Ask them about what they’d like to shop for, and guide them through the selection process. Train your staff so that they’re able to get into the customer’s headspace and provide excellent choices within their budget.


Your end goal here is to make your customers feel respected and comfortable so they’re able to trust you. When customers leave your store satisfied and with a smile, they’re much more likely to share positive reviews online and with their friends and family. Most people who buy jewelry online, scan through the store’s reviews before making an inquiry, or paying a visit.


Brag about your customer service, but don’t look pompous. Invite your customers to share feedback on your social media handles, or have them write a testimonial on your website. If you can add a visual element here, that would work wonders. Perhaps, a picture of a satisfied customer with a smile, posing with your magnificent piece of jewelry. When you receive positive feedback, brag about it on your social media handles – and let the word of mouth spread.  


5. Make Most of the Opportunistic Holidays


Holidays are the perfect time to kindle demand for your jewelry store through promotions. This becomes a cakewalk if you already have a thriving online community.


Jewelry purchases peak during holidays and special occasions. Valentine’s Day in particular sees a lot of demand for jewelry. To drive customers into your store, you need an advertising and promotion strategy to show your customers that your jewelry is the best gift for their special someone.


6. Create Ads that Share the Stories of Your Target Audience


Ads are a portal where you want to show your customers a reflection of themselves. You’re probably wondering how could you possibly encompass so many stories in one ad. Well, fortunately, you don’t have to. All you need is one story.


Be brave enough to create a niche for yourself. Let’s say you sell jewelry online and your audience is composed largely of millennials. These millennials belong to varying cultures and classes. Rather than chasing your entire audience, you’ll benefit from attracting just the right segment with the right story.


While this may require you to exclude a chunk of your audience from the purview of your brand’s messaging, it is not counterproductive in the slightest.


Think of a millennial woman – vibrant, independent, and elegant. Create an ad that tells the story of how a young woman flaunts her jewelry as she closes a business deal in style. See what I mean? Not all millennials connect with this ad, because it’s meant to specifically speak to millennial, independent women.


When these women make a purchase and like your jewelry – they’ll share this experience with like-minded millennial women. And this is how you grow your customer base through ads that share stories.


7. Generate healthy traffic with SEO


Most retail and wholesale jewelry stores have a website where they showcase their product portfolio, client testimonials, contact information, etc. You may have a terrific user-friendly website, but you’re not making its best use unless you strive to make it rank on Google.


To make your website rank, you need to optimize it so search engines like Google will understand what your website is about and show it to customers when they search for jewelry sellers.


Think of it this way – if your website isn’t ranking, someone else’s is. Even if you have better jewelry to offer to customers, someone else is hogging away all this traffic and you’re losing out on business from valuable clients.


8. Leverage the Power of Instagram


A Hubspot study reveals that a whopping 70 percent of Instagrammers search for businesses and brands on the platform. If you’re not using this powerful tool to your advantage, you’re missing the train.


Especially given that Instagram is a visual platform, it is a spectacular stage for jewelry brands to tantalize the audience with fresh designs. Instagram also gives you the opportunity to showcase positive experiences of your customers which helps build trust among shoppers who are unfamiliar with your brand.


Instagram has the potential to bring a lot of business if you do it right with relevant hashtags and calls to action. Being active on various social media platforms will also give you good exposure and help with SEO.


For example, on KRKC instragm, we always insist on inviting customers to provide us with photos of buyers' feedback as follows.


krkc wholesale shark pendant necklace


9. Organize Contests and Giveaways


Guess what’s the best way to reach your target audience? Freebies! It’s excruciatingly difficult for people to look away from freebies. Hold contests and giveaways on your social media handles to grow your community, multiply your engagement metrics, and increase your brand awareness.


Instagram contests and giveaways do particularly well. Before you start posting about your first giveaway, though, be sure to very specifically mention the rules and the date when you’ll announce the winners. Miscommunication regarding this can lead to resentment, which is the last thing you want.


Take out the jewelry pieces you’d like to giveaway and post its (aesthetically appealing) pictures on your Instagram handle. Ask your community that they must share the picture and tag your brand to participate in the giveaway or contest. This will help you grow your Instagram community by leaps and bounds. If you want an even larger outreach, Instagram’s paid ads can do that if you’re open to spending a little extra.


10. Partner with Top Digital Marketers


See if there’s some wiggle room in your ad spend budget to hire an expert digital marketer. Gone are the days when digital marketers were a cherry on the cake, it has become a necessity – especially if you sell jewelry online.


If you think you can juggle building your jewelry brand and digitally marketing it yourself, think again! Instead of dividing your focus, hire an expert who has the technical know-how, and experience to give your jewelry brand the edge it needs.

Hiring digital marketers is simpler than ever. If you don’t happen to have an established digital marketer in your area, you can always find one online. Just searching for digital marketers for your particular industry on Google will help you choose an experienced digital marketer who will be able to assist you market your jewelry store online.


Most professional digital marketers offer a 360-degree digital marketing service that includes website design, SEO, social media campaign creation, among other things. Let the experts do what they do best while you focus on your jewelry store.


11. Put Major Life Events at the Center of Your Marketing


Jewelry designs are best marketed with a major life event as its focal point. Help your customers connect the dots between their major life events and your jewelry designs.


Market your resort jewelry with those customers in mind who are preparing for an upcoming mega vacation, or your bridesmaid wedding jewelry with the vibrant and colorful bridesmaids who want to dazzle on stage wearing your fine jewelry.


12. Reach Out to Influencers for Endorsements


Small businesses may find celebrity endorsements intimidating and beyond reach. The next best option to get your jewelry endorsed by someone with a massive reach are influencers.


There are a few caveats here, though. First, you want an influencer that has a mighty audience so you can get a decent bang-for-buck ratio. Second, dig around a little and see if the influencer will fit your brand’s image.


When you’re done with the due diligence, go right ahead. Influencer recommendations are hot and heavy right now with 49 percent of consumers using them as a basis for making a buying decision.


13. Sponsor Charity Events for Marketing (and Goodwill)


Sponsoring charity and other social events can give your brand a positive, responsible spin. Not just that, you’ll also market your jewelry business locally to people who will likely respect you for doing some good for society.


Sponsorships are an age-old, cost-effective, and easy strategy for growing your business locally. If you’re sponsoring a big event where you can set up a booth, even better! Show up with your finest jewelry pieces and interact with people who already think positively of you.

To sponsor charity events, scan through the regional newspapers. Event organizers often seek sponsorships through multiple channels such as social media and radio so keep an open eye. If you have some friends who are actively involved in some sort of social work, they might be able to hook you up with an event organizer, too.


14. Stay on Top of Your Jewelry Marketing Efforts


You’re a master jewelry designer, but you must also become a prudent businessperson. You’re spending a good amount of money on your marketing strategies, so you’ll want to take a peek and look at what’s working for your jewelry store and what’s not.


A very widely used method of tracking your online marketing efforts is Google Analytics. Remember we spoke about building highly convertible landing pages? The Analytics tool will help you figure out if your page is indeed highly convertible. It will provide you with the following metrics:

  • Number of website visitors;
  • Location of the visitors;
  • The pages they visited;
  • The average time they spent on these pages, etc.


If your convertibility rate appears low, it’s time to up your game and take action. If you’ve hired a top digital marketing agency as we recommended in #10, they’ll take care of optimizing your landing page for convertibility, and revamping other marketing strategies.


That was the last of my 14 tips for promoting your jewelry store. Remember, your product remains the foundation of your brand. Marketing only works when you have an excellent product.


When you’re confident about the product and your brand’s essence, you’ll be able to nurture a like-minded community and dominate the social media platforms where you interact with your audience.


Jewelry shopping has an emotional element, so embrace both your customers and their emotions. Use social media platforms to tell your audience that they can trust you with their emotions, and you’ll create a brand as brilliant as your jewelry.