What Makes a Great Holiday Marketing Strategy?

Plan it like your competitor or even beforehand.
Opportunity comes to the prepared mind.
So let's check the holiday calendar and set up your campaign right away!


Jan 1st - New Year's Day

New year, new products. People at new year tend to have new clothes, new jewelry, new appliance to welcome a fresh new start. So it is a good time to boost your new product by offering an hard-to-say-no discount!

Launching a year-round and daily plans can greatly improve conversion rates by recommending special gemstone jewelry to customers, such as the birthstone collection. Shop our range of birthstones:  https://krkcwholesale.com/collections/birthstone-jewelry

Jan 15th National Hat Day

There's no doubt that National Hat Day is the best time TO promote headgear, but also a carnival for accessories, and apparel, it is a good idea to be prepared and help the customer come up with a few hat-related ootd solutions.

Jan 17th – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Recognize and appreciate the effort King had worked for racial justice, and offer discount or make a donation to help the racial group or minorities.

 Jan 19th – National Popcorn Day

Image the whole family chilling together on the couch and celebrating this delectable snack, good taste and good mood, simply come by and say hi or come up with some puzzle to improve engagement and create brand awareness.

 Jan 24th – National Compliment Day

Spread positive energy and don't hesitate to give compliment on this day. Send warm greetings and gratefulness to customers to thank them for their continued support of your business. And discount is a plus.

 Jan 29th – National Puzzle Day

It is suitable for all industries to offer puzzle to customers on this day, activate your cold, dull and rigid social media channels, increase the interaction rate, and win the hearts of customers in a light-hearted and enjoyable way


Feb 14th - Valentine's Day

 Thanks to Valentine's Day, February is a loving month, Perfect for jewelry, chocolate, flower and all creative gifts! Perfect time to promote your love-related jewelry or unique gemstone that shows commitment such as love-shaped pendants, moissanite, customized jewelry.


Mar 17th - St. Patrick's Day


Apr 1st - April Fool's Day

Make the best use of April's fool day to boost social media engagement, Bring joy to customers and get closer to them.

Apr  7th- National Beer Day

Apr 18th - Tax Day

Apr 22nd - Earth Day

Sitting down and have a conversation with customers, tell them about your brand, concept and efforts you put into environmental protection. Or show your sincerity, declare and donate a percentage of your sales to support sustainable development of the earth.


As summer is approaching, there's a growing need for chains that can resist water and sweat, it is a great season to advocate Cuban chains, stainless steel chains.
Giving customer advice on how to maintain jewelry and listing the unparalleled advantages of stainless steel against sweat and moisture instead of aggressive marketing would be a better way to upsell your products.

May 8th - Mother's Day

Schedule to send exclusive blessings/video/banner to wish all mom a happy holiday on social media and all marketing channels, and offer an exclusive discount to express love and blessings.

May 30th - Memorial Day

Get your Memorial Day campaigns set up today and surprise customers with a festive sale or early summer special sent right to their phones.


June 19th - Father’s Day

To honors fatherhood and the contribution of fathers to society, show your love to all fathers and announce your father's day sale and boost your sale on men's earrings, men's hat, men's clothing, shoes and any gifts related to it.

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An exclusive gift is always appreciated, you can offer solutions to customer: to engrave customized name or character on armbands, to print someone's photo on pendants, KRKC wholesale is always ready for it. Check here:  https://krkcwholesale.com/pages/krkc-custom-jewelry

June 30th - Social Media Day

The importance of social media cannot be overstated, this is a great day to engage in discussions, celebrate and share with your followers, give special discounts or gifts or give away to thank loyal followers and the one with highest engagement


Jul 4th - Independence Day

Activate your customer and boost the sale of your slow-running products on this biggest national holiday for your US customers. 

Jul 5th - National Bikini Day

Big day for both bikini lovers and sellers. Create your brand awareness by posting some reviews from customers, image is the most appreciated, motivate your customer to get a new bikini along with matching waist chains, related cosmetics, sunscreen and more..

Jul 24th - Parents’ Day

 Combines the concepts of Fathers' Day and Mothers' Day, good for boosting your sale by offering discounts and ideas for customers to express love toward their parents.
Matching jewelry, lovely couple outfits, customized card gift, all marketing executors can just develop your creation and imagination to win your customers

July 30th - International Day of Friendship or International Friendship Day(August 5th)

Use an app like reference candy to promote your sale and offer commissions to those who recommend your brand to a friend or offer discounts for those who want to purchase a gift for their bestie and friends


 Aug 12th - International Youth Day

Aug 26th - Women's Equality Day

Join the discussion on social media and help to improve women's equality. Express your love to them and get more exposure by sending marketing content with your women's jewelry, apparel and more.


Sep 2rd - Labor Day

Honor and recognize the American labor movement and the works, celebrate with your employees and share the content on social media to gain more engagement on social media.

September 21th - International Day of Peace


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Bring up the awareness on Breast Cancer this Month, share your efforts and strives on this while doing your business. Announce a month-long sale and  bring up awareness and spread the love

Oct 31st - Halloween

Refresh your store design or place a promotion stand for it, offer an exclusive deal on jewelry and grocery Halloween-related.


The Peak season for shopping is coming! Get ready and prepared for everything: inventory, sale and shipping, etc

Nov 24th - Thanksgiving Day

Take this opportunity to thank your customers and followers, give them hard-to-reject discounts, and gain sales growth in this highly competitive market and season.

Shoppers are much likely to spend more during festivals, so it is great time to set up some bundles and serve discounted prices for jewelry sets, kit sets, family package or any new collections you plan to gain more exposure and sale.

Nov 25th - Black Friday and Nov 28th - Cyber Monday

Needless to say, offer you the biggest discounts, raise your advertising budget, and enjoy a huge increase in sales.


Many would come up with creative ideas that can make them stand out from their competitor, especially during this crucial month.

Arranging your all-about-Christmas packaging pouch bag or box, even just a tiny print of Christmas tree or any Christmas-related factors would make it a different story.
Cooperating with a company like KRKCwholesale that provides you with packaging design and jewelry can save you a lot of effort.

Dec 24th - Christmas Eve

Dec 25th - Christmas Day

It's going to be a festive month, full of happiness and "shopaholic".
Get ready from all aspects: your merchandise, banners, discounts, promotions scheme, ads, and marketing EDM and SMS, warehouse and shipping, etc. Get everything all set and boost.