It was one day on 15th October, Mr. Alex popped up a message on my WhatsApp. This is a romantic inquiry: "Hi, my name is Alex. I am interested in your jewelry. I want to know the price. Please send the quote to my email: xxx@gmail.com."


Unlike other sales, I did not quote immediately but sent him an invitation for a one-on-one consultation project. Because I firmly believe that the value of sales work should not only provide product categories and prices but help customers find the most suitable products to increase their business.


1. Start a conversation about custom jewelry 


Then here we go:


Me: "Good day, Mr. Alex. Thank you for your inquiry. Since we provide various types of jewelry, it is highly appreciated that you can quickly introduce your business plan so that we can provide you with the solution that best suits your needs. "


Mr. Alex: "Hi, Cony, I am a new business looking to build a relationship with a jewelry manufacturer. I would like 30 pendants x 5 designs. So 150 pendants in total. I will need a quote on the price. ”


Like most buyers do, it is not surprising that he is unwilling to speak more and seems confident of his demands. As sales, it is my responsibility to help him identify demands and dispel concerns.


2. Instructions  about custom jewelry 


Me: "Thanks for choosing KRKC. What kind of pendants do you want? If you don’t mind, could you tell me what brings you into the pendants?"


Mr. Alex: “I search for the wholesale pendants and saw related pages on your website, which is very interesting. Therefore, I am considering adding it to my portfolio. But I am very worried whether these pendants can be popular and sell well in my market. "


When I heard his concerns, I was pleased that he was seriously considering the cooperation possibility between both of us and trusted to gain a solution from me. It’s a huge improvement.


Me: “Okay, I totally understand your concerns. After all, the ultimate goal of all purchases is to be able to find a balance between input and output. For sales forecast, I think you can visit our Alibaba jewelry wholesale store and see our annual sales and customer feedback. If your target consumers are young people who like new elements or your jewelry store position is trendy brand, then I recommend custom designs.”


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Mr. Alex: “Thanks, you’re right. But I have never deal with it before. Can you help me ?”


Indeed, many novices are unfamiliar with the jewelry customization business, therefore they will worry about paying extra or being cheated. When it comes, I will always introduce the whole process of jewelry customization as much as possible to make him feel at ease.


Me: “Sure. Do not worry, custom jewelry is our main business also, so we will help you handle it well. First of all, you can send your designs by picture or video. If you have no specific design, share your ideas is OK.”


After receiving my message, he immediately sent me several cartoon drawings which are very rough for jewelry design. Other manufactures may refuse the design requirement or cannot make the ideal jewelry effect. As for my choice, I decide to continue in-depth communication with him.


Me: “Received. Could you provide me more information as following: 1.What material do you want? We usually choose brass and silver as based material. 2.what size for the pendant? the length and the width. 3.Do you want your pendant iced out or just plain?”


Different customers have different material preferences. Moissanite? Silver? Brass? I always give customers professional advice according to their budget. Based on the description of Alex, I recommend him to choose 18K plated stainless steel which is not expensive and never fades. He told me that is exactly what he would like. With those details in mind, our artists start his sketching design concepts until we found it suitable.


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3. Outcomes of custom jewelry 


On 16th October, Alex placed his order for 150 custom pendants and 150 chains.


On 17th October, Alex paid for a 50% deposit and our designers start to visualize his piece with high-resolution 3D renderings.


On 23rd October, after adjusting details according to the requirements of Alex, he told us it is perfect and paid the 50% balance.


On 15th November, Alex received his unique jewelry 4 days after DHL delivery. He share us the admiration as following: “ The designs for fashion charm pendants are beautiful and expertly crafted. The customer service team was knowledgeable and extremely helpful with their guidance and responsiveness. Would definitely recommend them!” Our first cooperation was successfully completed.


As time passed, the story between KRKC and its customers continued. Now,a quick quiz: how much time in advance do you need to buy custom jewelry from KRKC?

A.15 days         B.20 days       C.40 days         B.60 days


There is actually no absolute answer. A, B, C are possible for KRKC, which depends on whether you are buying stock or customization jewelry, and the communication process. The main reason why Mr. Alex was able to receive custom jewelry within 18 days is our in-depth guidance. Now, we sincerely invite you to become our next Alex.


We know that it is difficult to distinguish good suppliers today. This has nothing to do with past achievements or the reputation of manufacturers. It's all about their people, including sales, designers, and production personnel. Qualified sales know how to become a backup force for their customers, how to think before their customers, and how to release their customers from unnecessary troubles. Professional designers know how to understand customers' ideas and how to perfect details. Experienced production personnel knows how to offer delivery support and mature craftsmanship capacity. And that’s what all KRKC members are doing and promise to you all the time.