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How To Place Orders On KRKC Wholesale Store?

As a professional wholesale supplier of hip-hop fashion jewelry, our inventory of jewelry usually exceeds 10,000, and the wholesale price is competitive, krkcwholesale is widely known by more and more customers and retailers around the world. 


It can't be denied that jewelry with good qualifications at competitive prices results in an attractive wholesale website for small retailers who are owners of a dollar store or online shops on eBay, Shopify, or Facebook for resale. I guess you are one of them who are satisfied and excited for krkcwholesale.

However, after adding the wished jewelry to the carts and checking out, your shopping procedure may run into trouble. Worse, your enthusiasm for placing orders may disappear with this incident.


Here, We hope to give you a clear order guide:


Why can't I place orders on krkcwholesale?


Obviously, this situation is happening every day, and every month there are thousands of users asking about the ordering problems of krkcwholesale website.

And why this happens and hasn't be solved yet? Mostly, due to the high transaction costs and risks on Shopify Store.


1. High Transaction Costs


Shopify is by far the most desirable ecommerce platform for quickly getting a store up and running online, but a common question seems to constantly come up when companies begin building their stores, that is, high transaction costs.


If you’re thinking of using Shopify to sell goods online, you’ll know that there are several different pricing plans to choose from.


A. Basic Shopify Plan – costs $29 per month + 2.9% and 30¢ per transaction
B. Shopify Plan – costs $79 per month + 2.6% and 30¢ per transaction
C. Advanced Shopify Plan – costs $299 per month + 2.4% and 30¢ per transaction
D. The Lite Plan starts at $9 per month and lets you sell on your existing website or social media pages.
E. Shopify Plus starts at around $2000 per month + 2.15% per transaction. 


Shopify pricing table


No matter which method we choose, at least 2% transaction fee will be paid to the platform. That means, both consumers and sellers will undertake the meaningless transaction cost. 


2. High Transaction Risks 


Fakespot, an e-commerce authentication service, said that of the 124,000 Shopify stores he examined, nearly 26,000 found a risk.


Saoud Khalifah, CEO of Fakespot, said that some merchants are selling counterfeit products or pirated media, while others are snapping up customer data without delivering orders at all.


Khalifah said that setting up a shopify store is very easy, selling jewelry online by shopify store is very easy, making the shopify store legitimate is also very easy. Of course, those malicious stores are doing the same thing.


Approximately 39% of online sellers are selling counterfeit goods. They may infringe on the brand or have a poor reputation. Another 28% may leak customer privacy or sell illegal goods.

The analysis found that so many scammers and fraudsters have had a great impact on Shopify, and about one-fifth of the e-commerce platform stores pose a risk to customers.


How to Place Orders on krkcwholesale?

 Contact US Via Email or Whatsapp

You can place order directly by leaving message. Or by email, or Whatsapp +86-13929455627

We support Paypal payment, all the products will be shipped by express to your place directly. Could you check if that works for you? We'd love to talk more with what kind of jewelry you want to buy. :)


Why Recommend krkcwholesale?


Can krkcwholesale still be your jewelry wholesale vendor as a priority? Is the order process too complex?The answer is YES.


Within the development for 7 years, KRKC jewelry brand has built a whole series of supply chain management. Here is a look at the procedure working of the supply chain:

Get Inspired



In stock

Display on the sites and social medias

Placed orders by clients

Pack up

Shipping to the globe


The efficient supply chain management leads to a highly efficient krkcwholesale jewelry group. As a matter of fact, it allows krkcwholesale to keep updating with high frequency.


The frequency of updating is nearly every single day. Because of the refined management procedure, the company’s long-term development has been created. The price factor can be more competitive than other Chinese jewelry vendors, nor can other non-Chinese wholesalers.


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Why Choose KRKC




In fact, it is not a particularly serious problem that placing orders online is not supportd by krkcwholesale. For your business, you shall pay attention to the jewelry cost to ensure that there is a profit margin.


All products are wholesaled from China.  In the jewelry industry, the wholesale price of krkcwholesale is really the most reasonable. Choosing krkcwholesale, indeed, enables you to make more money.

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